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Advices about Home Security
Security and Protection of his electrical installation
All house should have the Balanced scorecard and Protection. If your house is new, doný worry, it´s already installed. But if your house is old, you should ensure if it´s available, because it´s important to home security and all persons who live in it.

Protections included in the Balanced scorecard and Protection are the following:
1. Potency Control Switch (ICP)

It is an automatic switch that determines the available simultaneous potency according to the energy Contract eléctrica. ICP will disconnect your installation when the sum of the potency of the connected electrical appliances at the same time, overcome contrated potency. This way, unnecessary risks are avoided in your installation.
2. Main Cut Switch (IGC)

This switch allows the total disconnection of your installation if it´s necessary. Additionally makes the protection function of your installation, it avoids that the maximum admissible horsepower of your installation is never exceeded.
3. Differential Switch (ID)

It´s the most important protection element of the Balanced scorecard and Protection, because it protects the people of any electric accident. The differential switch disconnects your installation when it detects a derivation in some electrical appliance or in some point of the instalación. On houses, these differential switches, should have an high sensitivity (30 mA.)
4. Small Switches Magnetic-Thermal (PIA)

All electrical installation is formed by several circuits (lighting, force, kitchen, etc...) and each one of these circuits must be protected from overloads and short-circuits by a magnetic-thermal switch, according to the capacity of each one of the internal circuits.

Moscoso Energía S.L. recommends you that:
If you have to make a new provision contract, you shold modify or substitutes your Balanced scorecard and Protection according to the current legislation to ensure your domestic installation from electric risks. That way you will take care your own security and that one of your relatives. You should install a Differential switch of 30 mA with enough sensitivity to avoid cuts in the provision of your installation (in case of an inadequate operation of some household appliance)
Norms and conditions that Low's Tension Electrical Installations should fulfill, were defined by the Ministry of Industry and Energy and published in the Royal Decree 842/2002, and are mentioned in the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation.
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