Moscoso Energía S.L.
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Who are us?
Who are us?
MOSCOSO ENERGÍA S.L. is dedicated to the distribution and sale of electricity. Born in 1938 following the electrification of rural areas, currently supplies electricity to over 5,000 customers in the municipalities of Cotobade, A Lama Fornelos Forestry, Borden Pazos and Mondariz.

Moscoso Electric provides electricity to any consumer nationwide, access to the liberalized market in the best conditions. We offer very competitive prices with quality service, fast and close.

We can study your particular case, and offer the best deal for you, whether business or individual.

Moscoso Energía S.L. Avda. do Concello, 21 A Lama, Pontevedra 36830 Tel: 986768150.